What is CXWORX

CXWORX is a core training program developed by a company called Les Mills International, originally from New Zealand. It is a program based on a solid, scientifically proven approach. The program is carefully structured allowing any participant at any fitness level to choose the intensity of the work out. CXWORX targets the abs, glutes, obliques, back, shoulders and all “slings” connecting the upper body to the lower body. All moves in CXWORXS are designed to improve functional strength, also helping in injury prevention.

In CXWORX participants do the moves laying down with back on the floor, in a standing position, laying down on the floor sideways and laying down on the floor stomach down. Occasionally, exercises are done kneeling. Gyms always provide mats but bringing your own mat is ok.

CXWORX uses equipment

Resistance training tube (long tube made of rubber with handles on the side)
Free weight plate (1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg)

CXWORX is done in 30 minutes

When a person practices ongoing focus on the core musculature for 30 minutes, it improves the ability of these muscles to provide spinal support for longer periods of time. During a class, participants will be coached to focus on the core muscles through a variety of moves that create an overload effect within the core muscles, which leads to muscular change. Therefore, 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time to develop intensity and endurance on core musculature.

CXWORX develops postural improvement

Anyone who participates consistently in a CXWORX class will improve strength and control of the muscles surrounding the pelvis and spine. The result of such is that participants will be able to hold better postures while exercising, leading to permanent change in posture on day to day movements.

CXWORX is usually offered at a local health club or gym

For a gym to be able to offer CXWORX classes, it needs to be licensed to do so. That means you will not find CXWORX in every gym you walk into. Go to LesMills.com to find out if there are any gyms in your city running the program.

CXWORX is a structured class

In a 30 minute class, you will have 6 tracks, or simply said, 6 songs. So, no matter were you take a CXWORX class, it will run in the same order. Here goes a brief description of each track:

Track 1: Warm-up
Helps us to be aware of the core muscles. Focuses on lower abdominal activation, some crunches and twists to feel the obliques. It all prepares us for the work out ahead

Track 2: Core Strength 1
We practice Hovers, which is stomach down, elbows on the floor, on your toes, knees up or down.

Track 3: Standing Strength 1
This is when we get back up on our feet. Movements such as squats and lunges will come into the scene, also introducing the use of the resistance tube.

Track 4: Standing Strength 2
This one is focused on hips and glutes, resistance tube is used, also weight plate.

Track 5: Core Strength 2
Back down on the floor, often doing Hovers and training the obliques.

Track 6: Core Strength 3
Focuses on the back extensors. We lay down on the stomach training muscles to maintain an inward curve in our lower back.

CXWORX moves follow a choreography.

No, you don’t have to dance:) By choreography I simply mean that instructors have to follow a choreography, that is, each move is perfectly synchronized with the music. Listen carefully to what the instructor are telling you to do and you will be fine.

CXWORX music is awesome!!!

Instructors are NOT making up the moves as they go. They memorize exactly where to place each move within the music that is playing. CXWORX moves go with the music and the music goes with CXWORX moves. You can not separate them. You might not notice that in your first classes, but the more you participate, the more aware you become of the connection between the moves and the music. That’s what makes working out in a CXWORX class so incredibly enjoyable. In CXWORX you will not be stuck with the same style of music the entire class, thank goodness. You will hear rock, pop, techno, hip hop, etc. Songs will always be sung by the original artists and with that you do not have to put up with terrible remixes normally used in group classes, imitated by who knows who artists.
CXWORX is also organized around releases. That means every 3 months, instructors receive a new release, they will memorize it and start teaching it once the gym sets a date for the new release to be launched. Often gyms will promote this as a special event, were people are welcome to take a free class. Each release receives a number. Next release will be CXWORX 26.

CXWORX instructors are prepared:

They are all trained and certified to be able to teach the class. For a fitness professional to become a certified Les Mills instructor, you need to attend a 2 day training. After that, they need to memorize an entire release, teach it to a real class and film it. The video is then sent in for assessment and the instructor will pass or not pass. That being said, instructors are prepared, taking the teaching serious. During a class the instructor will coach you through scientifically proven moves and techniques. As I already mentioned, instructors have to follow a choreography, that means each move is perfectly synchronized with the music. CXWORX instructors are not making up the work out as they go. They practice, practice, practice, to be able to deliver an amazing work out. Also, instructors are working out with you. They are right there sweating and feeling the intensity of each move.