BODYPUMP is a resistance training program developed by a company called Les Mills International, located in New Zealand.
It is an internationally known program, found in over 100 countries.

BODYPUMP is based on “THE REP EFFECT”, which allows any individual to develop significant changes in strength and muscular endurance without lifting extremely heavy weights. BODYPUMP uses the effect of high repetitions with less weight to fatigue the muscles. It is scientifically proven that muscular fatigue tones and strengthens muscles.


BODYPUMP classes are usually offered in health clubs, or you name it, a gym.  For a gym to be able to offer BODYPUMP classes, it needs to be licensed to do so.  That means you will not find BODYPUMP in every gym you walk into. Go to LesMills.com to find out if there are any gyms in your city running the program.


It is a 60 minute class focused on resistance training, which means you will be lifting light to moderately heavy weights.

The equipment you need during the class is a barbell, weight plates, a bench top and risers.  Gyms have to provide this equipment for the class, however, you need to arrive about 10 minutes earlier to set it all up.  It’s not hard and instructors are there to help you out. You may like to use a pair of weight lifting fingerless gloves, but that is up to you.


In a 60 minute class, you will have 10 tracks, or simply said, 10 songs.  The first track is the warm up and the last one focuses on stretching.  The 8 tracks in between target 8 main muscle groups of the body. So, no matter where you take a BODYPUMP class, it will run in the following order:

Track 1: Warm-up

Track 2: Squats

Track 3: Chest

Track 4: Back

Track 5: Triceps

Track 6: Biceps

Track 7: Lunges

Track 8: Shoulders

Track 9: Core

Track 10: Cool-down

By the end of a BODYPUMP class you have worked every muscle group, you’ve pushed your heart rate into a cardiovascular training zone, you have been challenged and strengthened, and what is so cool, you have done it  through a work out that certainly wasn’t boring. You will come back and do it again and again.


One cool thing about BODYPUMP is the music.  First of all, instructors are NOT making up the moves as they go.  They memorize exactly where to place each move within the music that is playing. BODYPUMP moves go with the music and the music goes with BODYPUMP moves.  You can not separate them.  You might not notice that in your first classes, but the more you participate, the more aware you become of the connection between the moves and the music. That’s what makes working out in a BODYPUMP class so incredibly enjoyable.  In BODYPUMP you will not be stuck with the same style of music the entire class, thank goodness. You will hear rock, pop, techno, hip hop, etc.  Songs will always be sung by the original artists.
BODYPUMP work outs are organized around releases.  That means every 3 months, instructors receive a new release. They will memorize it and start teaching it once the gym sets a date for the new release to be launched.  Often gyms will promote this as a special event, where people are welcome to take a free class.  Each release receives a number.  Recently BODYPUMP has reached its 100th release, and that means 25 years of BODYPUMP around the world. Believe it or not, but over 5000 songs have been choreographed for BODYPUMP.


They are all trained and certified to be able to teach the class.  For a fitness professional to become a certified Les Mills instructor, they need to attend a 2 day training.  After that they need to memorize an entire release, teach it to a real class and film it.  The video is then sent in for assessment and the instructor will pass or not pass.  That being said, instructors are prepared, taking their teaching serious. During a class the instructor will coach you through scientifically proven moves and techniques.   As I already mentioned, instructors have to follow a choreography, that means each move is perfectly synchronized with the music.  BODYPUMP instructors are not making up the work out as they go.  They practice, practice, practice, to be able to deliver an amazing workout.  Also, instructors are working
out with you.  They are right there sweating and feeling the burn.