Tri-Tip in the Crockpot – part 3

I saved half of that Tri-Tip roast I made 2 days ago, so I would have meat ready for Wednesday evening, a busy night for my family.

I don’t simply warm up the meat in the microwave because then yes, it will become tough and stringy.  I heat it up on the stove top in my Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Cut an onion in long and thick slices.  Brown the onion with olive oil.

While the onion is browning, take the meat and shred it:

Add the meat to the onions.  The meat will brown a bit.   Turn off the heat when it is hot enough to serve.  Cover the pot and let the heat soften the meat.

I cooked some vegetables.  Chop, put in a pot, add about 2 cups of water, cover and let them cook on low until tender.  I don’t like my veggies overcooked, so once the water is boiling, 10 minutes is enough.  Drain the water, cover with some olive oil and salt.

I also served made Brown Rice Medley to go along with this dish and that recipe is found here:…from-trader-joes/ ‎