The Most Delicious Strawberry Chocolate and Cream Dessert


2 cans Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 cans Media Crema Table Cream

1/2 lb 72% Belgian dark chocolate

4 egg yolks

4 egg whites

1 cup milk



This recipe is one of a kind.  I have been making this dessert over 20 years for sure.  My best friend in Brazil, back in the 90s, once made this dessert for a Bible study we used to have as friends. She used grapes instead of strawberries and everyone loved it.  We all got crazy about it and asked how she made it. It’s a very simple recipe and so she passed it on orally to anyone interest.  Serioulsy, I don’t think we ever had a written down recipe for this dessert.  Where did she get the recipe from?  That I don’t know.

The ingredients are somewhat unique since I don’t’ think I ever saw Condensed Milk (leite condensado) and Table Cream (creme de leite) in any North American recipes.  Back in Brazil, these two canned milk products are very popular and used in many recipes.

The original recipe was made with grapes.  One day I tried it with strawberries and it just became even more loved by everyone.

Now my husband swears I conquered his heart the day I made this dessert.  He could not get enough of it and until today it is a must-have for his birthday.  The problem is that his birthday is in February, so it’s hard to find strawberries, nearly impossible when we lived in Canada.

Now this year I made it for my birthday!!  I don’t need a present, I rather give you the recipe with lot’s of pictures to follow along.  Try it out.  Condensed milk is found in any grocery store, usually, at the same spot you find evaporated milk.  The one I use is the Mexican/American version called La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk, by Nestle. It’s exactly like the one we used in Brazil, called Leite Moça.  However, don’t worry about the brand name. There are several other brands in North America that are the same thing, just make sure it is sweetened condensed milk. Now the Table Cream, that one is tricky.  Not all stores have it.  If your store carries Hispanic products, they’ll likely have it.  I do not know of a North American product that is exactly like this canned milk cream.  Therefore, your only option is the Media Crema Table Cream, by Nestle.

Now about the chocolate.   What you need here is a big block of solid chocolate.  The one I used is Belgian chocolate.  It needs to be plain chocolate, no nuts, no extra flavors, the darker the better.  Now the chocolate must be somewhat sweetened.  I know you might find super raw, all natural unsweetened solid chocolate, and that is NOT the one. That type of chocolate is way too bitter.  The one I got is from Trader Joe’s.  They have different kinds, so make sure you get the really dark one.  Milk chocolate will work, but honestly, that makes the dessert way to sweet.  Remember, sweetened condensed milk is super sweet.  The picture shows a 1 pound piece of chocolate, however, you will use only 1/2 of it.

You also need 4 eggs.  You must separate the yolk from the egg white.  Make sure there is not one little bit of egg yolk in the egg white.

This dessert has three layers.  Cooked condensed milk mixture in the bottom, strawberries in the middle, milk cream/fluffy egg whites/melted chocolate on top.

All right, ready for the recipe?  Here it is.

Take the 2 cans of condensed milk and pour them into a cooking pot. Add egg yolks and 1 cup of milk.

Turn on the heat on medium and get a spatula.  Please don’t cook this on high heat.  Use a spatula with a wide flat bottom, if you have one.  This mixture needs to be mixed at all times.  Very careful here, because this can burn super quickly.  Stir non stop.  It doesn’t have to be aggressive stirring.  Simply move the liquid on and on and on.

Once it starts boiling stir faster because this is when it suddenly could burn in the bottom of the pot.  You might notice that my mixture here has a few dark spots all over the place, and that resulted from the bottom burning just a little bit.  That is not  a problem. I little bit of burned sugar and milk simply gives it that candied flavor.  Now I tell you, if you stop stirring for more than 5 seconds, it could burn badly.  That type of burn can ruin the entire batch since it gives the mixture a terrible flavor.  So I repeat myself, never stop stirring.

You will notice it’s becoming thicker.  When the cream is bubling and literally spitting at you, turn the heat off and remove it from the burner.  It’s ready.

Pour the cream into a glass tray. It looks somewhat clumpy and wrinkled.  That is normal.

Wash the strawberries and cut them into small pieces.  Put all strawberries on top of the cooked cream.

Now let’s make the chocolate cream.

Take the egg whites and place them in a mixer bowl.  Turn your mixer on to full speed and let it do its thing until the egg whites become foamy and flufly.

Now this can take a little while.  My Kitchen Aid Mixer is so fast, so it’s not long until the egg whites are nice and fluffy.

As the machine is doing its thing, take the chocolate and melt it in the microwave.

Only 1/2 of the 1lb block is needed. No more.  Save the rest for another cooking adventure!!!

Place the chocolate inside a glass container.  Let’s heat it up in the microwave.  How long? Depends.  Start with  1 minute.

Take it out and stir.

It’s likely going to be a little clumpy still, so let it melt for another 1 minute in the microwave. If still clumpy, go another 30 seconds.  It will be just right once it’s shiny and runny.

Now back to the egg whites.  By now they are likely nice and fluffy.

Take the two cans of table cream.  There is something peculiar about canned milk cream.  There is a liquid inside the can that separates itself from the cream.  I like to take that liquid out.  With that in mind, do the following:

With a spoon, dig into the cream from the side of the can, shifting the cream into the middle of the can.  Immediately you will see a liquid pop up. With the spoon holding the cream in, let go of the liquid into the sink.

In some cans, the liquid separates more than others. Depending on how much this can has been tossed around, the cream might be more mixed up with the liquid.  If you barely get any liquid to pop up, no worries. Use it all up.  It’s that the less liquid in the cream, the more firm the chocolate cream will be.


Pour both cans into the fluffy egg whites.

Mix it up a bit, but don’t stir too aggressively.

Pour in the melted chocolate.  Stir gently until it’s all one beautiful brown color.

Pour the chocolate mixture over the strawberries and cream.

Smoothen it out and refrigerate!!