Portuguese Sausage – Linguiça Portuguesa

This is a super tasty sausage. I use this everytime I prepare black beans.  I have also used it preparing pinto beans.  They are great on it’s on, barbecued, or cut it into slices and add it to your spaghetti sauce.  They are not spicy so it goes well with all kinds of dishes.

I buy this particular brand at Costco, and it comes with 7 long links.  I do not use them all at once, but once you open the package you better freeze them.  I don’t always like to use one entire link.  With that in mind, I cut them all in half, place them on a cutting board and freeze them individually.  Next day you toss them all inside a bag or ziplock and take out only as much as you need for your cooking.

Try them out.  I highly recommend.