My First Entry in my ESV Journaling Bible

It took me nearly 4 months to finally attempt something inside my brand new journaling Bible.  So many places to get started.  I made up my mind and decided to work on a nativity scene.   I googled nativity scenes to color and came up with this one.  I printed it out, placed it under the page and traced.

The pages in a journaling Bible are quite thin which is a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s good because you can put a picture under the page and tracing becomes quite easy.  It’s bad because most markers and pens will leak, ruining the other side.  I used to do a lot of scrapbooking a few years ago and I still have some Creative Memories markers.  They are acid-free and the ink does not smear nor make a huge blotch on the other side. Now Creative Memories is no longer in business so I am trying out a few other markers as well.  They are not cheap, though 🙁

As for coloring pencils, I have two sets:

48 Colored Pencils by Staedtler.  These are strong pencils but not very smooth. The tip will not break easily.  They are not soft and colors don’t blend well, but colors are vibrant and in a set of 48 you have a good palette of colors to choose from.  Get them here.

Scholar coloring pencils by Prismacolor

The Staedtler pencils are strong pencils. The tip will not break.  They are not soft and colors don’t blend well, but they do a decent job.

Now Prismacolor coloring pencils are amazing.  They are soft so when you color it almost feels like a super thin crayon.  Blending colors with Prismacolor pencils is easily done. Get them here.