Using Barilla Pronto penne pasta – Monday, February 13, 2018 –

I prepared the meat yesterday and today I am going to try something different.  I bought this pasta a while ago, just out of curiosity.  It says  “One Pan No Strainer”, meaning I cook the pasta and the water will be absorbed as the noodles get ready.  I am somewhat not sure about this.  Pasta needs lots of water to cook, and to think that the noodles will be done, quickly, not burning… just not sure about this, but willing to give it a try.  I will use two boxes and instead of cooking the pasta separately, I will cook it inside the meat sauce I made yesterday.  For that, I am going to add 6 cups of water to the meat, since each box asks for 3 cups of water.


I added the noodles and timed it for 10 minutes.  The package said to cook on high.  No mention of covering the pot.  After 3 minutes the boiling was going too wild in my opinion and I lower the heat was the smartest thing to do!! I had to keep an eye on this, for sure.  After 8 minutes the liquid was disappearing and I simply kept stirring.  Once 10 minutes were over, I turned the heat off.  I tried the noodles and they were just right.  Unfortunately, I did something not so smart after.  I covered the pot, serving it about 15 minutes after.  By the time we were serving ourselves, the noodles absorbed more liquid and became somewhat too soft.  It wasn’t bad, but  I like pasta “all dente”, so ideal is to serve this immediately.  Kids all like it.  No one complained.