Learn to Crochet in 5 Lessons

These lessons are for learning how to crochet from scratch.  After I cover what you need to get started, we  learn the basics of the foundation chain, single crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet and then treble crochet.  We do a super simple square together where I go through each step slowly and encourage you to practice the stitches until they are even and look good.  With these foundational stitches and you can now tackle almost any project.

  1. What you need to Crochet, Getting Started
  2. Lesson 1, How to do the Foundation Chain in Crochet
  3. Lesson 2, How to do the Single Crochet
  4. Lesson 3, How to do the Half Double Crochet
  5. Lesson 4, How to do the Double Crochet
  6. Lesson 5, How to do the Treble Crochet