How I started Bible Journaling

In March 2016 I came across a Bible Study Journal, called Quiet Your Heart, written by Darlene Schacht. A friend of mine got it and showed it to me. It caught my interest too and once I had a chance I checked it out and ended up in the author’s website,

I certainly found her book and many other really neat materials, but what caught my attention was “Bible Journaling”. Darlene Schacht not only writes simple to follow Bible studies, she also creates beautiful drawings inside her own Bible pages. I was quite impressed and looked further into the idea.

You get a Bible with lined 2’’x 8’’ margins on each page. They are available in several versions, such as ESV, KJ, NKJ, NLT, NIV and maybe others I have not seen yet. As you read the Bible, you are free to write, mark color, paint, and stamp. You can draw, trace, sketch, whatever. If you google it you will be amazed at the incredible works of art people have been creating inside their Bibles.

So, here I go to my local LifeWay store to check out these Bibles and sure enough they are all there. Not only Bibles put pens, markers, paint and all kinds of things to make your journaling come alive. I didn’t get one right away since I wasn’t sure if this was the type of thing I would like to do. I am crafty when it comes to knitting and crocheting, but drawing has never been my forte, at least that is what I thought.

Now I kept curious about the Bible Journaling idea and couldn’t keep my thoughts away from it. I ended up joining Darlene Schacht’s Bible Journaling closed group on FB. People, and as far as I have noticed, women, post their Bible art, some being very elaborate while others quite simple. What I was getting from it is that there is no right or wrong on how to do Bible Journaling. Each person is unique, filling her Bible pages using her own style and portraying her own journey through the Bible as the words lead her to do so.

Anyway, I finally got a journaling Bible last May, 2016. I have been reading the Bible from the ESV version for a while and I was quite pleased to find a journaling Bible in ESV. Nothing like a brand new, unmarked Bible.

As I looked into those empty pages I sort of lost courage not knowing exactly what to do on the margins and seriously, it took me 4 months to draw something into it. I finally decided to trace a nativity picture and color it in. From there, pictures and writings just keep coming.

I still do not consider myself an artist. I am terrible at drawing, so all pictures I do right now have been traced or done freehand by looking at an already done picture. I only use coloring pencils for now. For me it’s a great way to read my Bible, I go page by page, meditating and taking my time drawing and coloring a picture. It works, God speaks to you when you take the time to “digest” what you read and not worry about how much you are reading.


If your just starting out, here are some options I found on Amazon:
Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black) Hardcover
ESV Journaling Bible (Autumn Song)
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Antique Floral Design)