Happy New Year 2018

Today 22 beautiful (… and strong) women brightened up our BODYPUMP® class at InShape Fitness, Visalia-CA. What an awesome way to spend your last Saturday of 2017.

As I got home, I felt like going through the new BODYFLOW® class I have to teach in just a few weeks. I was amazed at my progress, especially while attempting the Mermaid pose and the Bridge. For me, these are very very difficult poses to do. For the first time, I was able to get my head off the floor while doing a bridge (…and Cappuccino was quite helpful, lol) and I was able to cross my fingers behind my head while doing the Mermaid Pose. My Bridge still is a work in progress, but to get my head off the floor and feel the strength on my arms was quite amazing.
All this to say: keep your fitness journey moving forward. Don’t get discouraged. Show up at the gym or do your exercises at home. Be consistent, focused and know that moving your body is worth your time!!!!