Happy Canada Day! July 1st, 2018

Today is a special day for me.  Canada Day!   I lived in Canada 6 delightful years and this country has grown a special place in my heart.  Not just the country, but all the people I met there. I have received my Canadian citizenship just over 3 years ago and I am proud to wear this red and white shirt.  I  remember buying this shirt just before I moved to the USA.  It looked like it was my size, but when I got home, it didn’t fit well, especially around my belly.  I couldn’t return it because I bought it at Target, and Target was going out of business.  Oh well…

3 years later, and look at that.  It fits perfectly.

I am particularly thankful today because, after all, it was GoodLife fitness in Ottawa that introduced me to the world of Les Mills classes. Now, I am 4 years into my weight loss and staying fit journey, 50lb less.

2 years into my journey as a BODYPUMP instructor. Living it and loving it.

Thank you ? beautiful Canada ??. Miss you every day of my life!!



Two great ? BODYPUMP groups to say goodbye to for a while. It’s been delightful to teach BODYPUMP® both at InShape Fitness and FlexFit Gyms here in Visalia-CA. Now Brazil waits for me and I must go. Awesome ? job today guys. Keep it up, take hikes, eat smart, bring a friend next week for BODYPUMP 102… live life, live it fully, live it longer… see you in August.