Christmas Tree Pot Holder

This project will teach you how to change color while in a row. There will be quite a bit of going back and forth between colors and lots of open ends once done. Open ends only need to be knotted and once both sides are crocheted together all those open ends will not show and no need to weave them all in.


In part two of this project, we join the two sides and create a ruffled edge. Joining two equal parts is not difficult, you single crochet them together. The ruffle around it results from chaining 5 and inserting the hook in the next stitch, so it forms several loops that are close together.


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If you have never crocheted before check out my 5 lessons of how to crochet.  These give will give you some basics as you follow along. Here is the playlist on YouTube. (Learning how to Crochet in 5 lessons)