Berry and Whole Milk Yogurt Smoothie

I teach R.I.P.P.E.D. every Thursday evening 5:45 pm, at Metalmark Climbing and Fitness.  It is an intense class, combining cardio and strength in a fun and challenging way.  As the instructor, I do the work out with my participants, so yes,  I am working out too.  With that in mind, I struggle to have the right amount of energy to be able to teach the class.  Since it is in the evening, and usually I eat dinner around 5 pm, I am hungry.  I can’t teach the class on empty so  I have tried eating a small portion of the food I cooked for my family before class, but that does not go well.  So, I need something easy on my stomach.  I have found that this smoothie recipe gives me what I need to teach well:

1 cup mixed berries

1/2 cup whole milk vanilla greek yogurt

water to fill the cup


If you are all day at work, you can mix the berries and yogurt at home, fill the cup with ice, and have it in the evening.  It should stay cold even if you don’t refrigerate it.  Just don’t leave it in the car if it’s a hot day!