The Brocken Spectre, Morro Pão de Ló, near Curitiba-PR, Brazil

This was a hike I did with my brother and his kids, to Morro Pão de Ló, July 2017.  The place is about 45-minute drive from Curitiba-PR. Taking the Highway 116 towards Piraquara will get you there. The hike itself is about 60 minutes, mostly uphill. For seasoned hikers, not a challenging hike at all. However, the view is outstanding. You have a clear view of the Serra do Mar, being able to see clearly Pico do Paraná and Pico do Marumbi, also Morro do Anhangava. We had the privilege to observe the Brocken Spectre. It is a phenomenon that can happen anywhere, as long as you have light and fog/cloud, with an object standing between the light and the cloud. We were on the top of a hill and the sun was setting on the West with fog coming up from the East. The sunlight projected our shadow on the fog, also forming a hallo of light and rainbow colors around the shadow.
It was so amazing to be able to see this! You can see it in this video: